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Michelle J. Lohmeier

Michelle J. Lohmeier


Ms. Lohmeier operates her own consulting firm since her retirement in April of 2021 as a strategic advisor to the Chief Executive Officer of Spirit AeroSystems. She served in this role upon her retirement in 2019 from her position as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Airbus Programs at Spirit AeroSystems, a position she held since June 2015. Prior to joining Spirit AeroSystems, Ms. Lohmeier held many senior positions during her years at Raytheon Company, her last position being Vice President of the Land Warfare Systems product line at Raytheon Missile Systems. In that position, Ms. Lohmeier had responsibility for the development and production of all Army and U.S. Marine Corps missile programs. Previously, Ms. Lohmeier was the program director at Raytheon for the design, development and production implementation of the Standard Missile-6 weapon system for the U.S. Navy. Ms. Lohmeier also served as the production chief engineer for the AMRAAM Program. In addition, Ms. Lohmeier directed Software Engineering at Raytheon, where she was responsible for software development, software quality and configuration management for all Missile Systems programs. She began her career with Hughes Aircraft Company as a system test engineer. Ms. Lohmeier is a director of Kamen Corporation, where she serves on the Audit Committee and the Finance Committee, and Nammo Defense Systems, Inc. Ms. Lohmeier earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in systems engineering from the University of Arizona. 

The Board believes that Ms. Lohmeier’s extensive knowledge and experience in the aerospace industry, business acumen and the leadership and executive skills she has demonstrated by serving in senior positions with Spirit AeroSystems and Raytheon along with her public and private company board experience provide an operational perspective that is valuable to the Board and the Company. In addition, Ms. Lohmeier’s extensive aerospace industry knowledge provides the Board with important insight into one of the Company’s strategic growth areas. Ms. Lohmeier’s experience as an operational leader involved in technology development and strategic initiatives also provides a valuable perspective for the Board.

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