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Nicholas DeBenedictis

Nicholas DeBenedictis


Nicholas DeBenedictis served as Chief Executive Officer of Aqua America, Inc. from 1992 until his retirement in 2015, and was the Chairman of the Board of Aqua America from 1993 until his retirement as CEO in 2015, and thereafter held the position of non-executive Chairman of the Board until December 2017. Mr. DeBenedictis is now on the Aqua America board as Chairman Emeritus. Mr. DeBenedictis served as Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs of PECO Energy Company (now known as Exelon Corporation) from 1989 until 1992; as President of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce from December 1986 to April 1989; and as the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources from 1983 to 1986. Mr. DeBenedictis is also a director of Exelon Corporation and P.H. Glatfelter Company, and also serves on the boards of various Pennsylvania area non-profit, civic and business organizations. Mr. DeBenedictis received a B.S. in business administration and a M.S. in environmental engineering and science from Drexel University and has received honorary doctorates from Drexel University, Misericordia University and Widener University.

The Board believes that Mr. DeBenedictis is a qualified candidate because of his knowledge, experience and demonstrated success from serving for over 20 years as the chairman and chief executive officer of a substantial public company. He has also served as an executive of a major electric utility, the head of Pennsylvania’s environmental regulatory agency, and as a director of two other public companies in addition to his role as Chairman at Aqua America, including, from time to time, as a member of the corporate governance, audit, finance and compensation committees of those companies. The Board believes that the experience, insights and knowledge Mr. DeBenedictis has from his leadership roles in business and community activities are important qualifications, skills and experience that will provide valuable assistance to the Board and greatly contribute to the overall knowledge of the Board and its ability to address the issues the Board and we confront.

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