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MISTRAS Group Continues To Innovate Pipeline Integrity Inspection Technology


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MISTRAS Group Continues To Innovate Pipeline Integrity Inspection Technology

Apr 29, 2022

PRINCETON JUNCTION, N.J., April 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MISTRAS Group (NYSE: MG) is pleased to announce recent innovative technological advancements to its integrated pipeline integrity and inspection solutions. Along with member-company Onstream Pipeline Inspection and brands New Century Software and Integrity Plus, MISTRAS continues to provide leading-edge technology to help maximize pipeline safety and compliance.

MISTRAS’ latest proprietary automated radiographic testing (ART) Crawler ‒ used exclusively to differentiate the company’s pipeline inspection services offering ‒ has been designed in a lighter-weight package, enabling single-person inspections with reduced deployment times. MISTRAS’ ART inspection services are an accurate way to check for abnormalities in insulated aboveground piping and pipelines from 2-30 inches in diameter, even in lines with product flowing through them.

MISTRAS member-company Onstream™ Pipeline Inspection has innovated their flagship ILI tool, the TriStream MFL™, to detect metal loss in lines up to 36 inches in diameter. Onstream is also launching variable speed control technology that minimizes the interruption to pipelines during the inspection process. The combination of ultra-high resolution triaxial sensors and expertly-developed algorithm technology results in more accurate defect sizing data for a wider range of pipelines. These updates to the TriStream MFL™ are designed to help pipeline operators gain a more complete understanding of true pipeline conditions while reducing unnecessary digs and costs.

“MISTRAS, along with Onstream and New Century Software, has prioritized an integrated pipeline experience through every phase of inspection, engineering, monitoring, and data management,” said Dennis Bertolotti, MISTRAS Group President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). “Through these advanced technology developments, our customers are realizing the benefits of an integrated solution throughout their data’s journey, helping them ensure the integrity and effectiveness of their pipeline networks.”

For more information on MISTRAS’ pipeline integrity technology and services, visit pipelines.mistrasgroup.com.

About MISTRAS Group, Inc. - One Source for Asset Protection Solutions®

MISTRAS Group, Inc. (NYSE: MG) is a leading "one source" multinational provider of integrated technology-enabled asset protection solutions, helping to maximize the safety and operational uptime for civilization’s most critical industrial and civil assets.

Backed by an innovative, data-driven asset protection portfolio, proprietary technologies, strong commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, and a decades-long legacy of industry leadership, MISTRAS leads clients in the oil and gas, aerospace and defense, renewable and nonrenewable power, civil infrastructure, and manufacturing industries towards achieving operational excellence. By supporting these organizations that help fuel our vehicles and power our society; inspecting components that are trusted for commercial, defense, and space craft; building real-time monitoring equipment to enable safe travel across bridges; and helping to propel sustainability, MISTRAS helps the world at large.

MISTRAS enhances value for its clients by integrating asset protection throughout supply chains and centralizing integrity data through a suite of Industrial IoT-connected digital software and monitoring solutions. The company’s core capabilities also include non-destructive testing field and in-line inspections enhanced by advanced robotics, laboratory quality control and assurance testing, sensing technologies and NDT equipment, asset and mechanical integrity engineering services, and light mechanical maintenance and access services.

For more information about how MISTRAS helps protect civilization’s critical infrastructure and the environment, visit https://www.mistrasgroup.com/.

About Onstream Pipeline Inspection

Onstream Pipeline Inspection – a MISTRAS Group member-company — is a leading provider of proprietary, technology-enabled inline inspection and data analytics services, providing inline inspection (ILI) services in the “unpiggable” segment of the small to mid-bore North American gathering and midstream pipeline market. Onstream designs and manufactures its technology in-house, including its leading inline inspection tool, the TriStream™ MFL. Learn more about Onstream at https://onstream-pipeline.com/.

About New Century Software by MISTRAS

New Century Software by MISTRAS is a leading provider of pipeline integrity management software and services for energy transportation companies. New Century offers software solutions, data management expertise, and extensive pipeline knowledge, along with software services through the Integrity Plus brand, to improve risk and asset management decisions that help drive a higher standard of safety and reliability. To learn more, visit http://www.newcenturysoftware.com and https://www.ncintegrityplus.com/.


Nestor S. Makarigakis
Group Vice-President of Marketing and Communications
+1 (609) 716-4000 | marcom@mistrasgroup.com 

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